Monday, July 20, 2009


I belong to two Red Hat groups; one is called Sew Sassy and the othe one is Rubies & Garnets.

Our Sew Sassy Red Hatters meet once a month at a quilt shop for sewing and yakking. We bring our sewing machines, supplies, and any project we want to work on and also take a sack lunch. It's always a lot of fun and I seem to get quite a bit of sewing accomplished. Today I'm going to take my STAR BOM and my ANGEL BOM to do. I've posted pictures of some of the blocks from these two projects before.

We dress casual for this sewing meeting and yes, we do wear our purple & red outfits. I have a real tiny red straw hat that just clips in my hair (we HAVE to wear our Red Hats, of course!) and I have a pair of purple capris and a purple & red blouse I made for myself.

BTW I did hear from the winner of the Birthday Giveaway (Carol) and she was thrilled, naturally. Thanks to all who participated. It was great fun!


  1. We need a picture of you in your "Red Hat" outfit! Have fun on your outing today.

  2. I must confess, I don't get it, the red hat society. But, that said, my little antique jaunt local-they have booth for all the red hat attire. These women are the funniest sweetest ladies. They make my day whenever we run into them. He he!! So, here's to the red hat gals!!!

  3. Hi again..this is for more explanation about RH Society. You have to be 50 yrs. old to be a RH member. It was started by a lady who made her friend a huge big RH to celebrate her Birthday and others wanted one, and they started getting together to go out to lunch on their birthdays and wore their big decorated Red Hats.

    There are no dues, no officers, no rules...oops! Yes, there is one rule: that there are no rules. It is strictly for fun, friendship, laughter and celebration of living for women over 50. You can't imagine how "free" it is to dress up like that and be silly and have fun for a few hours.

    The RH State conventions are a blast...seeing 3-400 ladies dressed in full regalia...all doing a conga line dance! Or going to breakfast the next morning in purple satin pajamas and fuzzy red slippers!

    We went to one convention where there was a "young couple" wedding the same night as our big dance and we had the young men from the wedding party joining us for dancing and merriment instead of going to the wedding reception 'cause we were having such fun!

    It is definitely something to look forward to and something we, as women, have earned!

    I hope this helps explain why we do this. For more information go to
    and read some more.

    Long live the Red Hatters of the WORLD!