Sunday, July 26, 2009

HURRAY! I finally got some sewing done!

I've been kinda puny for a few days and haven't felt very good, but finally got a chance to sew and worked on some simple sling style bags to put in my Etsy store. My favorite one is the turquoise zebra stripe with the embroidery on the front. Then there is a froggy one, pastel pink flower patchwork one, & Autumn leaves one. There's many more ideas swimming around in my head for these simple, yet practical bags for using as a purse or for shopping bags, so am sure you'll be seeing more of 'em as time goes on.

They look smaller than they are in the picture, as I was trying to get them all squished together for just one picture. They are 20" tall x 12" wide....nice medium size....fully lined.

Which one do you like the best?


  1. Very well done. I'm liking the blue zebra best myself.

  2. I made one similar to those a long time ago when I had my fourth son.....they are wonderful.

  3. My favorite is the bottom one. I can't see much of the fabric but what I can see----that would be my pick

  4. I like the patchwork one


  5. I like the blue one the best too. All of them are lovely!

  6. I like the blue one and the autumn leaves one. They'd be cute in Christmas fabric too, perfect for shopping.