Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Sewing & Ramblings!

Today I finally got around to cutting out and making the flannel plaid lounge pj's for my oldest son, Scott. He's the one who flew here from San Francisco to help me when I was sick & did all that painting for me.

Now, just got to get them mailed off to him on Monday.

He sent me 2 huge boxes of old stuff from a house they are cleaning out on a contract. Since he was the one who did the painting in my kitchen, he knew the shade of yellow stuff I would be needing and I told him that I was going to decorate it with old fabrics and old utensils, etc. from the 50's. Look at some of the stuff he sent me.

I am going to have such fun decorating my kitchen & dining room, once I get it finished!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I am sure your son will love his new pj. The stuff he sent you for your kitchen are just perfect for decorateing 50's style. ooooh I really wish I was there with him going through all that stuff.

  2. Thanks. Yes, I wish I was there too...digging and pawing through all that stuff. Of course, it stinks with that old smell & everything will have to be washed...probably in some vinegar too.

  3. Very nice pants for your DS Judy! I love those 2 little dresses and the other stuff he sent you to decorate with! Such a good son you have!

  4. Wow, I can't believe your son thought of your yellow kitchen when he found that stuff. What a sweetheart. You certainly brought him up right.