Thursday, December 6, 2012

Are You Sure It's December?

Do ya'll remember the commercial with the old lady saying......"Where's the Beef"?  Well, I'm saying............where's Winter in Southern Texas? 

Are you sure it's December?    Here's what I saw in front of my house yesterday.

We've had such warm days in San Antonio that some of the trees are late in changing colors and dropping their leaves.

Here's a couple trees that still have lots of leaves on them....

Are you sure it's Winter? 

I was looking for some Poinsettias...........but found these instead.

I really do miss the cooler days.......crisp temperatures........and snowy days this time of year.   I'd love to build a snowman!   But, don't be too concerned.  I get over it quickly when I start to see pictures of buried cars in the snow, kids dressed like the Michelin tire guy, and snow shovels, everyone wearing stocking hats and heavy scarves around their necks..... on tv and the internet.    I'll be smiling then, as I go outside in my shorts & t-shirt.    


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  1. Our weather has been a bit nippy here in Alabama. Down into the teens every night til a couple of days ago. Now they are saying we might get some snow by Christmas. That's almost unheard of here. If we get snow it's usually in January or February. Enjoy those shorts, Judy! : )

  2. I could import some snow your way? Old man winter came early here this year.

  3. It looks like nice weather to me! I just stopped by to say thanks for stopping by my blog. Did you know you are a no-reply blogger? Some of the giveaways won't let you win if they can't reach you. I've got instructions on the side of my blog on how to fix the no-blogger thing if you're interested. Thanks again!

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