Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thank God for Women!

Hello again everyone! 

I'm sorry I've been MIA for several weeks.  I've been having nothing but difficulties with trying to stay online for several months....and calling At&t tech support many times.  Each time the man on the other line would help guide me through the same old steps.  It would be fixed for about one day, sometimes only one hour......then 'caput' again! 

Well.....I finally was connected with a woman, (female species) and guess what??  It was not Internet Explorer, my settings, control panel, defaults or my connection.  She jumped right on the cause of the problem by suggesting my modem was dying.  I had asked two of the male techs if this could be the problem, and each of them just 'poo-pood' that idea.

I now have a new Motorola modem, all connected, and can get online faster than you can snap your fingers.  YAY!    My old modem was over 5 years old and she told me the life of the old one was approximately 4 years......well ...DUH!   Thank God for Women!   

Now, we can get on with things.  Here's a couple pictures for two different custom orders I've been doing:  blue ball raggy quilt with yellow (not finished yet, and still needs some clipping done, & the wash and fluff dry.)

  the special custom Satin Dolly quilt with mattress, pillow, sheet & pillow sham...... in progress!  This one is very small;  8" x 14" with the pillow only 4" wide!   There will be a ruffle around the quilt & pillow sham.  When the dolly quilt is finished, I'll post the final pictures...embroidery work & all.


  1. Nice to be online again for sure. Computer's have a mind of their own.....The raggy quilt is so cute. The blanky is very nice too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am so glad you are back, I have missed you...Glad you have things working again!!

  3. I'm glad your problem was thanks to the men involved!!!

  4. Thank God for Women! That dolly bedding set looks amazing!